21 Days/21 Poems: Naked by Tari Mtetwa

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Zimbabwean women at Independence, 1980.  A Zenzo Nkobi photo. Zimbabwean women at Independence, 1980. A Zenzo Nkobi photo.

 April 18 is Zimbabwe’s Independence Day and therefore, a Southern African poet for today’s Another 21 Days/21 Poems.

The young Zimbabwean poet, Tari Mtetwa, is a new discovery for me.  I found him while perusing the list of Zimbabwean poets featured on the website of The Poetry International Foundation.  I’m so taken by his work that I’m posting not one, but two poems of his today.  I’m particularity drawn to the second poem,  ‘Never Thought I’d Be A River’.

My decision to headline ‘Naked’ is a shout out to Parrish Lantern (The Parrish Lantern), a fellow book blogger and poetry lover.  Parrish has a delightful habit of leaving complete poems as comments to some of my poetry-related posts.  So I was not surprised when I came across this post, From Parrish….With Love,  while searching the…

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